Do you need a garment made, altered, repaired or re-styled our professional seamstresses are on call to help. The list is endless from a simple button sewn on to trousers or skirts shortened to a full dress made to quality standards. We restyle, resize, mend and customise party wear, dresses, skirts, blouses and shirts, jeans, trousers, suits, jackets, coats, leather wear, and more so if you have an item of clothing that’s in need of a quick fix then come down to today.

Ironing Service

Hate ironing? Then you’ll love our GREAT Ironing Service. Why worry about mountains of un-ironed clothes piling up in your basket. Simply bring in the backlog and we will press everything to near perfection.

Holiday Laundry Service

Do you really want to come home only to think about your post-holiday washing why not extend that holiday feeling.
Drop off your suitcases and we can have your t-shirts, shorts and all your holiday clothes beautifully washed, dried, folded and ready for you to collect and put away for the next away break we will even air and clean your suitcases of sand and holiday reminiscences.

Drop Off Service Wash

Why not drop off your laundry with us at and we will wash, dry and fold everything for you. Our value for money laundry service is great for everyday clothes, such as trousers, T-shirts, sports kits, work clothes pyjamas, bed linen, towels and much more… So whether you’re a busy worker or a parent trying to juggle work and children, why not make your life easier? can certainly take the pressure off when you have a build up in your laundry basket.

Walk in Laundry Wash and Dry

How about having a day out at the beautiful Our easy to use coin operated machines are available for you to do your own washing – All the machines are all much larger than the standard home washing machines – you can complete all your washing in less than an hour… Have a a cup of tea or coffee in our comfortable seating area whilst using our free Wi-fi service. Are finding it difficult to get your clothes dry in the rainy weather? – come in use our powerful dryers from only 50p you can’t go wrong.

Duvet Service

A lot of people don’t think about washing their duvets very often and if they do the first thought is usually – “that will not fit in my machine”.
Because of the warmth and moisture content, your duvet and pillows are the perfect habitat for dust mites and bacteria which creates a need for regular duvet cleaning.

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